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Cortona Style Desk: Transform your Apartment into an Urban Jungle

ABOUT THE CORTONA STYLE DESK: We encourage our residents to make their apartments their own by decorating any way they like! We’re proud to say we have a plethora of interior designers in our midst as we are constantly amazed by how chic and on trend our resident apartments are. They rival our own model apartments! Every month, we invite our residents to send us photos of their apartment homes, so we can feature them on our blog. TADA! The Cortona Style Desk was born…

If you’ve walked into a West Elm, IKEA or even your neighborhood Hobby Lobby, it’s evident that houseplants are the décor of the moment, with fiddle leaf figs and succulents become staples in every room. For many of us who love apartment living but would also enjoy having a backyard garden of our own, houseplants are the pieces that bring the outdoors inside. An indoor jungle is not only a sight to behold, but apparently good for you as well. As an added bonus, you don’t have to mow a lawn or deal with weeds when you have have an indoor jungle oasis!

Take a look at these Cortona apartments who brought this trend to life (no pun intended) by incorporating natural elements to a luxury apartment setting with neutral textiles, wood furniture, and lush, large plants.

Cortona’s dark-colored floors paired with the cream-colored walls serve as the perfect backdrop, allowing the plants to shine. Go to your local consignment shop or even Facebook Marketplace (my personal favorite) for warm wood furniture that have a worn and earthy look (at half the price!). These subtle staples serve as perfect bases for the pops of color that plants bring to any room.

Look at this REAL RESIDENT apartment that uses greenery to give the space a pop of color. Paired with patterned accent pillows and textured accents, this apartment is paradise. Of course, a cute pup is the ultimate accessory as well 🙂

If you’re like me, and the color of your thumb is questionable, mix real and artificial plants to give you that urban jungle oasis. Purchase plants that require minimal maintenance and attention like succulents. Remember to read up on your plant-babies because they all require different types of loving. Some are stage 5 clingers, while others just want to Netflix and chill. Get to know them, and over time, you’ll find they have personalities of their own. If you need more guidance, I personally love going to Bowood Farms on Olive St., which is a quick drive from Cortona at Forest Park. They have a great selection of plants, accessories and decor.  Plus, they have a knowledgeable sales staff! You can also grab some food next door to at Cafe Osage… have some brunch and pick up some succulents for your apartment. Sounds like a perfect Sunday Funday to me!

Happy planting, Cortona!


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